Wednesday, April 18, 2012



 IS a wonderful thing isn't it!

It happens all over the country and probably many more around the World.

You get up earlier in the morning, maybe your palms sweat.  Adrenaline begins to flow.

You can picture pulling the tarp off the bike, pouring fuel into the tank, dusting off the riding gear.

Maybe you've installed something new over the long winter's hibernation.  Tires perhaps, a hot pipe, lights, luggage... a new sweetie.

For the last three months your mind drifts back to the day you are free again.  The snow has receded from the roads, old Sol shows signs of warming the air every day. 

When the day arrives, you're careful to make certain the oil is fresh and full, the tires up to scratch, the driveway is clear of gravel.

That magic moment when the engine first lights off, the sound of V Twin, or Inline four, or big single or a soft burble (for you scooter riders).  Pulling the gloves on, hitching up the lid, nervously twisting the throttle making sure everything sounds just right.

A final inspection of the gauges before your toe clicks the shifter into gear.

The same old rush you get when you are accelerating down the road the first time, upshifting to each gear.

Ya know what I mean... no matter what else you may call it... it's the thrill isn't it... still nothing like it in the world that I have tried in my life...

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