Sunday, April 1, 2012

East bound and down...

Well loaded.
As the song goes...

On The Road Again...

It's the first of April and I've lit out for Prince Edward Island!

5000 kms distant from my home in Calgary.

Since returning from that quickie driving trip to Phx last weekend, I sat out the crappy spring weather and spent the last three days getting things sorted.

Now this is an 18 wheeler!
And a heck of a lot of sorting it was indeedy!

Trailer needed some mods, bikes had to be loaded, gear in the back of the Blazer, and the whole kit and kaboodle tested!

I delayed and then delayed my departure again, finally getting things ready to rock late yesterday afternoon.
And the skies are not cloudy all day... I hoped!

This morning, April Fools Day, we are on the road.  The first tank of fuel barely made 19 mpg.  Normally, at highway speeds the 5 speed Blazer will deliver anywhere from 25-28 MPG.  I was counting on a 25% reduction from that given the ahem... load I was carrying.

Pushing a headwind (now how do you figure that) for much of the day at 110-120 kph speeds, my mileage varied from a high of 20.3 to a miserable low of just 16.8!
Hard to read at 120 kph, Manitoba welcomes me :)

That is the worst tank of fuel EVER!  To top it off, the price has varied between $1.19 per liter right on up to $1.28!  Yikes!!  In fact that's a double Yikes, Yikes!!

Apart from some rain in Saskatchewan, and the condition of the highway being poor  much of the way, we have made it nearly 1200 km to Brandon MB, over 12 hours of driving.  I don't know if I can keep this up for 4 days...

Stay tuned for updates as we go.

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