Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hot Diggity!

WITH good weather, and minimal delays, the crew has been whacking together the new pad rather rapidly.  IN only a week, I had seen the place go from snow covered raw land to excavation, to foundation to walls being erected.  This week alone, the carrying beam for the upper floor was added and it's been much easier to envision the house as it will look in a few short weeks/months.

Unfortunately I won't be around for the entire build much as I would like to be. Hance would tire of me long before that's done, and a myriad of details, big and small, await me upon my return to Calgary.  The final prep for getting my own long time home on the market as early as possible, selling many of my Motorcycles that can't make the trip, packing, disposing of items of furniture and various other chores that go with moving a lifetime to another location, this one 5000 km east.

When we returned from our property search last July... we had basically 5 days to move Brenda and Anna from her sold home. It wasn't easy, was hard work, and this won't be any easier!  Nevertheless, things are proceeding fairly smoothly, probs have been minimal, and skies blue.

I'm trying my best to keep the Blog realistically up to date, everyday is an adventure and it's dark by the time I swing into the driveway...

I'm sitting at the Ottawa airport as I write this piece, our Nation's capital.  The flight from C'town was uneventful, leaving in sunny weather and arriving to rain.  Not many about, but there is a guy sitting a few chairs from me that has been yakking on his cell non stop for 25minutes with no immediate signs of letting up.  He is rather loud, talking to someone about his many plans in Penticton, cash bars, Wayne Gretzky etc etc.  Little regard for the people around him.

My plane to Calgary boards in about an hour, I think I will move to a different row of seats, I'd rather watch mindless television than listen to his plans in every minute detail...

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