Sunday, April 8, 2012

The bEagle has landed!

ONCE the Confederation Bridge was in sight, my grip on the steering apparatus in front of my chest, relaxed somewhat.  I deliberately drove thru several stop signs and made turns without signalling.  I didn't want to confuse Island drivers with unnecessary actions that could prompt a collision of any type.

After all, I had driven 10,000 kilometers in the last couple of weeks and heaven knows, I would have a difficult time explaining to an officer of the law why I felt the need for using my signal light!

Fernwood was my first stop, for a visit with long time friend and co-worker, Rob, who has undertaken to build all our new cabinets for the house.  Of course we ended up catching up until three a.m. and I occupied the couch for the brief remainder of the night.

From there it was on to Stephen's house in Margate to meet with him and his long suffering mate, Anne.  They must be the longest unmarried/engaged couple I have ever met.  In fact they have been engaged longer than a dozen Hollywood marriages!

They have a beautiful house sitting on the hill.  Once my bikes were unloaded and stowed, I took a quick flip over to Woodland Heights.  First thing I noticed was how calm it was, it had been windy at Margate but dead calm at Woodland.  The property looks different with the hay field flattened down, but still very beautiful to me. 

In the gathering dusk, I made a brief stop in Kensington.  Popped into the Smith's residence in the middle of dinner, and as they are wont to do, graciously inviting me to din.  I gratefully accepted, having had nothing but road food for days on end. My "short visit" was still going strong when Mike says to me in some surprise... "Do you know it's 5 after 4... in the morning!"

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