Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's the third of January, 2013.  The world has not come to an end.  We're still looking for Atlantis, and I've just seen my 58th Birthday.


That's right, I'm officially a year older today.  Of course, yesterday I was only 57.

Hard to believe that young man, who rode his R60/5 across this immense country at age 20, is sitting here today, with a garage full of motorcycles, nearly forty years on, writing this blog. 

Back in Calgary, I have a 1600cc Yamaha Midnight Silverado.  A full 1000cubes larger in it's twin cylinders than that old (then new) Beemer.  Who knows... maybe this year I will ride that bike across the country once again.

All the best in 2013

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