Monday, December 31, 2012


Drive to Charlottetown December 30th 2012
SO... just to assure you that it's not just the Doctor that has his share of Mis Adventures, here's a case in point.

I haven't seen much of Holly, my eldest, these past several years.  She signed up for an architecture course at Dalhousie University nearly 4 years ago.

After her first two degree years, she has been completing a Master's.

View of our valley from the front deck.
In this time, she has rented her digs in Calgary and lived in Halifax, Germany and China.  Traveling to many European country's and beyond.  Ever the travel bug.

Anyway, even though we now live in the Martimes, its been difficult with her workload to spend any time with her, especially quality time.

Well you can imagine my joy that she has arranged a few days before the beginning of the final semester to stop by on the Island to visit.

Looking West
Yesterday, the 30th... during the blizzard that stopped New England and blanketed Ontario and Quebec with howling winds and dumps of snow, we are on our way to Charlottetown to pick her up at arrivals.  Wasn't the worst driving conditions I've had but ranks in the upper 20%  (see pic above)

Charlottetown 'X' is crowded, two of the three gates buzzing with excitement.   

Having checked flights online prior to our 57km drive in blowing and drifting snow, I see that her flight is showing "on time" 

Pretty soon its been changed to delayed, and just when that changes to "arrived"...  I hear over the PA system that West Jet flight 486... is on its way back to T.O.*

Seems while descending to land, the pilots decided that given the icy runway and cross winds gusting to 50 plus mph, it would be imprudent to attempt a landing.  After making a couple of circuits of the field, they hightailed it back to, you guessed it... Toronto!

Pretty or what!!!

Here it is Sunday, the final day of the year, and the kid is stuck at the Marriot in Toronto hopefully catching up on her missed sleep and some homework.  Her flight this morning was 'cancelled' and obviously nothing today.  Hopefully tomorrow she'll make it here and actually land.

Nice sunny day today... fitting for the end of 2012.

T.O.  The center of the known universe.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!  MAY YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES COME TRUE and you don't take your resolutions too seriously :)

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