Monday, July 29, 2013

Up to my elbows...

YOU know, this retirement thang is not all its cut out to be.  Think about it... 27 months ago, I was an accredited, licensed full time, independent financial adviser.  I had clients, an office, office equipment and appointments.  I even had a palm pilot (remember those?)

Typical summer use, clay road.

Back in 2008, I 'sold' my business to an adviser that worked with the same broker, unfortunately while I was biking around Europe, he failed to uphold his end of the bargain and upon my return, I was scrambling to renew licenses and continue.  It was a disappointment for me but not to my clients, who actually "liked" me.

Then again in 2010 I was approached by another adviser group, that were gearing up and presto, I was officially out of work, if not actually yet feeling retired.

So, for the last 2 odd years, I've had no paycheck, but still lots to do.  There was the whole moving the girls in, then moving us all out here to the 'East coast'.

Campbell Rd.

There was the finishing of the house, which is still waiting for my library, some improvements into garage/storage and now of course , this last two months, renovating the apartments 2 and 5.

Result... lots of work, still no paycheck!

Cute trail marker

The summer is nearly gone.  Don't feel retired in the least.  I'm approaching my 59th birthday, and it just seems I've left behind one set of clothes for another.  Maybe when I head south for a bit, it will feel more like it.

Up to my elbows in it

I do of course, occasionally get to write a few emails, watch a movie on Netflix while chewing on late night popcorn, or putter around on one of my bikes.  Take the other day for example.  We were early from the reno work in Summerside, back home by 7pm, and being a fine evening, I pulled the 225 from the line up and went for a spin in the hood.  There are many red clay roads around here that link one paved road to another.  Course, some times I haven't a clue where this one goes or ends up, so having a dualie... I find out.

Campbell road nearby starts out as a two rut track, with grass between, then peters out into dense overgrowth.  With rather thick saplings slapping my arms and bouncing off my hand guards,  I'm thinking, this doesn't go anywhere and obviously it isn't even used in the winter by snowmobilers like many of these back roads are.  Luckily, there is a faint trace of an ATV track that I am following but after a few hundred yards even this veers off the 'road' into a grain field.

Yes there is a path here.

Following the tracks I ride the edge of the field 'blind' and literally up to my elbows, down through a ravine and finally back onto a semblance of trail.  From here, brush rubbing said elbows, I work my way through to an passable but heavily overgrown trail to end up at a crossroad where cut lumber is stacked 20' high.  I know this place, I came through here a month ago from the other direction.  Following the path to an obscure route marking, brings me eventually to a potato field and then route 226, the Long River road.  This deposits me on route 20 and because I am literally yards from Cousins Shore road, I drop into Mike and Isabelle's cottage for a short coffee and quick visit.

Signs of civilization

It may not be the wilds of Baja, but there is plenty here to keep a dual purpose guy occupied for years.


Now, back to the apartment where we should be able to finish the reno today,

... and move in the new tenants tomorrow.