Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summerside pair die in motorcycle accident

This... is getting beyond ridiculous.

For a tiny province with a population of 140,000 souls, this is the third and fourth fatalities this year.  And the summer is but young.

The CBC news report goes on to state;

The names of the deceased in last night's fatal car/motorcycle collision are 63 year old Gordon Howatt, and Valerie Ellis, 52, both of Summerside. They died at the scene of the accident. The motorcycle they were on collided with a car on Highway 2 just before 5:30 p.m.

Further the police are quoted as saying;

"It appears at this point, although it's very early into the investigation, that the driver of the sedan was heading westbound and crossed the center into the oncoming lane of the motorcycle, which was heading eastbound," said RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar.

What is wrong with this picture?

Word is that the driver was pulling out to pass a line of vehicles on the major west/east route 2, and he just creamed this bike.  Perfect road conditions, daylight, warm weather.  

I ask again, what is wrong out there?

The public and government calls for mandatory training of motorcyclists... however, the problem seems to be, poor driving, inattention and bad decision making on the part of the driver.  Of course I've seen a woman driving down Crowchild Trail putting on make-up in the mirror while drinking from a cup,  driving apparently, with her knees!  Cell phone use, texting, reading, working on the laptop or pad.  Stuffing one's face with a burger and fries and a hundred other things that simply, have no business being in a vehicle.  The charge I am told for the previous fatality, ( a couple of weeks back) was failing to yield the right of way.  

I am sick...

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