Tuesday, August 6, 2013


THIS* may be the biggest Mis Adventure of all (or not)... today, at 2 pm Atlantic time, on the tiny Island named for Prince Edward... Brenda and I, in the presence a small group of long time friends and family, said our "I do's".


Me of course for the second time and for her, the first.

We met nearly 5 years ago, and the meeting went something like this;

"Hi!" ('Wow, he's boyishly handsome')

"HI!" ('I think I could marry this woman.')

Okay, wasn't quite that compressed, but something like it.  I thought she was pretty young, mid thirties, especially when she told me she had a 7 year old daughter.  While we were getting to know one another/confessing... I told her I too had daughters, then answering her question, "my girls are 25 and 28..."  It was perhaps predictable that she asked me how old I was?

Turns out we're closer in age than we thought, a mere 8 years difference.

After spending the day with her, then the next two... I had a good feeling.

Fast forward to the present.  We were married in our own home, overlooking the fabulous Spring Valley, in a short ceremony today, August 6th, 2013.


Chris Vessey was the officiating chaplain to make it legal of course, and in attendance were Holly and Kevin, her partner, Lisa and Rick, who just recently became engaged, Anna of course... and long time friends and surrogate parents of Brenda's, John and Helen, who in their eighties, made the trip from Calgary, and my long time Island friends, Mike and Isabelle to act as our witness'.  OH, yes... let's not forget Willy, Phoenix and Abby!  They're family too!

So, another adventure begins, so to speak.  I've been single for quite some time, not as long as Brenda has but certainly, I didn't think I would ever marry again, after all... most people just move in together these days and that's that.

For me, to place that ring and receive one in return, is the ultimate commitment to one another.

Okay... there is that whole SPecial FOrces thing, but it's altogether different.