Monday, August 12, 2013

I don't wanna pickle... I jus wanna ride ma motosickle...

THERE are times you just have to ride.  It's almost like a drug, you need it, you crave it, nothing is going to stop you from that high, that a ride will give you.

TO say this past week has been hectic, would be somewhat of an understatement.  Of course I could say that about the past two months, the past two years and so on. 

THE weather has been great, little rain over the last couple of months, sunshine, bright night sky, brilliant stars, warm temperatures.  Guess what... been real busy.  Distresses me to see the perfect weather and each day, is another day at the apartment or picking up/dropping off people, or mowing grass that's overgrown or picking up supplies, or painting or hammering nails... time for riding, hovering around absolute "zero."

TAKE last Friday for example, we'd just gotten married a few days before, been hosting people, I'd been doing the picking up/dropping off stuff like mad, and I didn't even have time to cut grass, much less ride a bike.

AS most of you know, I have a small fleet in the garage.  Three dual purpose, two small dirt bikes, an old trials bike and several street bikes of various types.  Friday... I was itching for a ride.  It was wet, sometimes torrents, so a street bike was a no go.  Maybe I can do a few laps on a TTR but last time I did this about three weeks ago, I left in sunshine and within three laps, it was pouring rain, stinging my face and soaking my gear pronto.  I wasn't in the mood for slip sliding around the grass track.  Taking the XT 600 was a possibility but I wanted to try a few blind small trails/roads I have been passing for months, the DT50 is a great little bike but I needed a bit more highway speed today, so the 225 came out of the line-up and fuel checked, was geared up to go.

I didn't cover a lot of ground, only about 60km but it took 2 1/2 hours to do that.

WHAT did I find, other than water in my boots, and everything else...well the Long River International Airport... atop one of the highest local hills. 

ONCE out of the trail system, I found a hangar/customs post with views 360 degrees of Prince and Queens county.  Okay so not some death defying trail in the AZ desert, but interesting and scenic nevertheless.


COURSE, I wasn't prepared for the airport.

 AFTER my return home I peeled myself like a banana, and soaked in a nice hot shower for twenty minutes.  I was shivering, it's never fun riding in the rain, but sometimes on occasion, its essential for one's well being.  Even though I was soaked to the second layer of skin, my own... the grin was there...

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