Saturday, June 1, 2013


...was yesterday, although it did last pretty much all day at least.  26C with only a few short thundershowers late in the afternoon, and throughout the night. with a great light-show!  I began my day in jeans and a sweater, but within 5 nano seconds, I was back inside stripping into shorts and a T.

Today... not so nice, very cool and intermittent rain.

Yes... this is fresh lobster.

I stopped in at the drugstore.  While Brenda shopped for this and that, I sat at one of those self administered blood pressure machines to kill some time.  Yes, yes... I know, it's not as accurate as the Doc's, but since we don't have a family Dr. and it will be years before we get one assigned to us, in what is Canada's worst health care system, I don't pass up a chance to check up on myself when the opportunity presents itself.

For those of you that never do this, me with my heart attacks, I have to know of course how the ticker is doing... you sit down, place your left arm through the cuff, take a handful of deep breaths pretend to be totally zen, then push the green button to inflate the cuff.

Well on my first attempt, after a suitable period of buzzing and inflating as if the thing needed a tune-up or something like an overhaul, the machine tells me "I need to work on my biceps!"

On the second attempt, the message reads, "cuff inflated to maximum, no reading possible".

Smart assed machine!

Being the type that rarely quits, I breathed a bit deeper and then pressed the green button a third time, it's the magic number, right...

Voila... 130 over 80!

Why that's almost perfect.

Guess I'll plan another day.

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