Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The SouthWest

SOME people advised me against buying a place in Phoenix.

There are many that feel the US is not a particularly safe place, or that Americans are headstrong, gun toting, crazy bastards.

Then there was the volatility of the economy to worry about, they told me.

"You'll lose your money!"  Some said.

I was fortunate (?) about receiving advice from all quarters.  Co-workers, the gal at the Safeway check-out, real estate professionals, even a couple of sceptical friends, wondered about my wisdom.

Travelling abroad, you've heard all kinds of stories about Americans.  I myself have come across some very rude and obnoxious Yankee tourists in the most unlikely of places.

Of course I've also heard or met, rude Russians.  Hungarians.  French. Poles, and even Canadians!

Rudeness is not limited to a single Nationality it seems.

By contrast I've met friendly and helpful Brits, Germans, Hungarians, Frenchies, Spaniards, Portuguese, Ozzies, Kiwis, Canadians, and yes... even those darn Yanks!

I've learned long ago that most of the well meaning folks that have given me advice about Mexico, or Phoenix or France or Spain... have never left their couches or there local area codes. 

With all the latest news about travel and violence in Mexico, of course the topic seems to be, "Why should you go?"

Yeah... I had plenty of advice about buying in the U.S. of A. 

Warnings, horror stories.

By nature I'm a pretty cautious man.  I don't take a lot of foolish gambles.  I tend to weigh the odds even as I approach a tricky downhill.

I've pushed my envelope lots in my life.  You can't be on a racetrack without taking risks.

I figure it this way, it's risky driving my Blazer around Calgary.  After all Ewen and Charley biked around the World the Long Way Round, and were both hit by drivers in Calgary!

Living is a risky business after all, and will eventually lead to death.

That's one of the irrefutable facts of life.

Nothin' guaranteed 'cept death and taxes right?

I bought my place in Phoenix despite the warnings, because I love to ride my motorcycles.

If we could ride year round in reasonable comfort in Canada, I would.  Fact is... ya can't.

Phoenix is my getaway spot.

When I place the key in the lock, I am "home."  Not only do I have several helmets hanging there, but it feels like home.

Truthfully, all those things that people say are true. 

Someone can rob you of your money, or cut you off in traffic or I suppose, you could be bitten by a snake.

There are dangerous Mexican towns, the French can indeed be very rude.

Living in a foreign country does have it's drawbacks.  It's not without it's risks.

I am a pretty good listener.  I heard the various opinions, then like I always do... I made up my own mind.

Back during the early part of the World financial meltdown that was precipitated in the good ole USA, I plunked down my hard earned cash and bought my little 2 bed condo.

IT's not fancy, it's not gated, it doesn't have marble counter tops or the latest in kitchen updates.  What it is for me, is a home away from home.  A place I can sit by the pool and read a fave book or mag.

A place to kick back, drink a cool Rolling Rock, ride my scooter or bike whenever I please.

A place my daughters (being the timid types they are :)  will call their homes away from home over the years.

My friends can visit, many are waiting for their opportunity.  A place where you may just find a great little stray kitten, that will ride in your lap all the way up I-15 to Canada.

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