Saturday, May 23, 2015

Who'd a guessed it?

Fort Mac Murray has been Canada's "hot spot" several times this week past.  Northern Alberta.  Let me rephrase that, the Great White North, former fur trading center, bush town, errr city, hub of Oil Sands extraction, that FM.

Here in the east, on the other hand, we are still dealing with single digit daily highs and, wet, windy and chilly non M/C weather.  You can still find snow and I don't mean you need a microscope to do it either.  While the west is basking in near 30 degree temperatures, it's currently plus 3 and environment Canada says it's real feel is -2!

Makes me want to jump on my bike and ride, well maybe head to the curling rink...

Yes... it was the Great Winter of '14.  Anyone traveling by wagon train would have frozen to death several times over during the last few months, but c'mon.  FM... the "hot spot"

Gimme a break.

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