Wednesday, November 26, 2014


... and Mr. T.

NOW before some of your devious minds get to work, let's make one thing clear.  Mr. T is not a fuzzy sex toy.

He is fuzzy, and he can be as playful as a toy, but I assure you there is NO sex involved.

Very young Phoenix, 'who goes there!'

Last year upon arrival after almost a two year absence, I had the patio doors wide open enjoying the pleasant fall temperature when a little tiny kitten jumped up the back of my couch. 

Phx when Anna first brought him 'home' to my place.

'Now where did you come from?' was my immediate thought...  after all there are plenty of feral and semi-feral cats around, but she was so gentle and friendly and beautiful, I thought she must belong to someone.

Turned out that 'Boo' belonged next door at Judy's place,  She'd come home one day under the hood of her son's truck and was so cute and cuddly, she was instantly adopted into the fold.  From the time I met her, she immediately, from that moment on, literally moved in.  Being a cat guy, you can imagine how happy I was to have this minute little kitten stay over for the 2 months I was here.

Mr. Tickles, his chair.

Judy and I keep in regular contact, she is a great neighbor, keeping an eye on my place while I am not here, just prior to my return for 2014, she tells me that Boo is hanging out on my welcome mat, seemingly waiting for my arrival.

Boo on the perimeter, 'all clear'

Patrolling the fence.

She moved right back in without hesitation, so for those that don't believe animals are attentive, intelligent and can remember things, I beg to differ.

Okay fast forward to 2014, I'm back. Boo is laying next to me and bingo... a scruffy male appears at the patio door, meowing very loudly and incessantly. 

Doing what cats do best.
Seems he belongs sorta kinda across the street from me and is a semi street cat.  It's obvious he's a scrapper, judging by the various scuffles I've seen him in and the plethora of continuous scuff marks and battle wounds.  He's really a very nice cat, territorial as hell, and a bit rough 'round the edges but very friendly towards me.  Seems between the two of us 'men'... one needs to be fixed badly though (the other has) something that may change his demeanor somewhat, as I've found numerous times in my personal experience.

her fountain.

Full name, Mr. Tickles... is happy being fed, having a patio chair so sleep on and especially getting some loving.  He will gladly hop onto my lap anytime I sit, and stay there... motor idling, until I have to move. 

I play a constant game of 'musical felines' between him and Boo.  Last year Boo had the entire yard to herself and had inherited Phoenix's tall tree.  This year with Tickles around it's been tough sledding for her, Tickles has no qualms about smacking her around and I've had to intervene a number of times.  To get Boo some outdoor time...

Playful furry creature.

... she loves patrolling my fence just as Phx did, I bring Tickles inside for a 20 or 30 minute stretch.  Sometimes Mr. T will be patrolling the yard or asleep on the ground or the aforementioned soft cushioned lawn chair and I can let Boo come and go from my entry door around the side of the condo. 

sitting on my lap, posing.
Most nights T stays the entire night, one thing this part of the world is good for, it really doesn't get very cold in winter most days and nights, so he seems quite content to lay out there snoozing the night away. 


There's even a third visitor that I call 'Fuzz' a female that could be sister's to Phoenix although I'm sure she's much younger, Phx now being 4 years.

Of course, this will all change after I depart, Boo will go back 'home' and Mr.  Tickles likewise.  I'll likely see them again next season.

So... even though I am 5000 miles from 'home' I still get my furry feline fix every day here in Glendale Arizona.

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