Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heart of Mad MAX

ONE thing I noticed during my brief test ride of the newly re-geared XT 350.  A sharp veering to the right on acceleration.  As I recently had the rear wheel removed and the sprocket changed, my first thought was that I had misaligned the wheel on re-assembly... I tried to think of what I had done differently to get the rather strange behavior from the bike.

WRACKING  my brain only succeeded in re-distributing the marbles, yet I was no further ahead.  You can imagine my dilemma, after all it's unnerving to say the least.

THE only thing I remembered doing differently was having bought and installed a right hand mirror that was a genuine Yamaha item but was not for the dual purpose series of bike.  Sure enough, replacing the broken XT mirror immediately solved the problem.  Marbles now happier I came to the only conclusion possible.

YOU see the right hand replacement mirror is off a different model of Yamaha.  It originally came on the right handlebar of a VMX12.  Otherwise known by it's more common name, V MAX.

KNOWLEDGEABLE motorcyclists and those that have ridden one, will attest to the awesome acceleration the multi-valve DOHC engine produces, especially when the V-Boost kicks in.  The power is nearly enough to dislocate your shoulders from their sockets.

SEEMS the addition of the genuine V MAX mirror was enough to cause the bike to veer to the throttle side when I pinned it, obviously the lowly XT, somehow thought it was producing far in excess of the 29 odd hp it actually makes, at least on the right side!  I've since toned down my acceleration, can't take any chances right...

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