Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Changes in the wind...

There have been many changes since my last 'episode'.  First of all, a Pacific front passed through and cooled things down temporarily.  That was not entirely unwelcome, because last Saturday Holly and Kevin arrived from Calgary.  It's their first visit together here at my little adobe abode.

Calgary and N.B. both had snow storms.

Holly had in her hand a master link for me, that they picked up at from Bob's, on the way from the airport, which of course I had difficulty installing.  It was a riveted link type and I have no vise, no chisels and no punches here in my limited tool box. What I do have is of poor quality, several sockets having already succumbed during the limited use over the years.

To say we have gone non-stop during the week would be pretty accurate.  We leave in the morning and arrive home 12 hours later.  Having a vehicle is certainly an advantage for distance traveling (we've rolled on close to a thousand miles in four days) and there are after all, three of us!  (not counting the 3 cats that have been hanging about...)  Boo of course, is "home", home being next door, but Mr T and Fuzz belong somewhere else.

I will give you guys some in detail reports over the coming week, once they have returned home, but here's a few pics to whet your imaginations...

:) Doc
BSA Thunderbolt and Triumph Trophy at Bob's

That's Boo... twenty feet above ground on my 2nd story roof! 

Taken at Glendale City Hall

The Rialto in D/T Tuscon

Hotel Congress

Showing off at the Glendale library.

Mr Wabbit!

Super Guppy

P 51 at Pima

Look it up!

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