Saturday, September 1, 2012


Trip Report

Hey Gang... the last week packing was a distinct "Blur"  I have no idea where my phone charger is, although I used it just before leaving, no idea where my camera gear is, and no idea where my spare clothes are...

What I do know is after a hair raising, white knuckle trailer wobble just coming onto Stoney Trail Thursday evening... the first day was very long, tiring and stressful.

I drove East of Calgary until 2.30 am Friday morning, before pulling off for 2 hours sleep?!

Phoenix didn't know what to make of our leaving and he was most troubled and a real handful, which didn't help matters.  Next morning, having passed through Swift Current (the current is anything but) lazier than a Southern Hillbilly poling the bayou... then on through Regina, finally pulling off the highway at Grenfell Sask.

The morning was difficult to say the least, over 30 celcious and poor road conditions.  Lots of cracks, fillers, and potholes.  Worst of all are the 'truckers grooves'  My rig was always unsettled tracking in these, and would not keep a straight line no matter how hard I concentrated.  By driving just right or left was better, I was on the center line or the shoulder, so little room for any error.  Eventually the pavement got better as did my mood.

Phoenix has settled into his road groove as has Dad.  By the time we passed Brandon, I was feeling more relaxed and confident in the rig.  Three things were helpful, the near unconscious mood of my driving partner, the improved road conditions and the cooler/wetter day.  Being at least 10 degrees under yesterday and with periodic light rain, the tires, cabin and trans ran better.  My mileage has run from 5-6 as high as 11-12 depending on speed and of course, headwinds.  Today both increased. 

I had inquired yesterday about placing my cargomate on a flat deck in Steinbach, but really once past Winnipeg, I felt confident about making the entire trip, trailer in tow.  If the weather stays cool, and Phx likewise, I think we can make the journey by next week Wednesday or Thursday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

pics later!

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