Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Well sort of.

If I were to tell the tale of my foibles this last month or so, you'd think I was making things up.  It has been the most bizarre of experiences, seemingly bad Karma struggling with good, to get me here.  A toss up which would win.

And where is here?  Kensington PEI.

An office where I am using a secure internet connection for the first time really in two months.  TWO months without internet, can you stand it...

Wawa... more trailer problems.  Waiting around for a couple of days while Royal Tire finds me some suitable tires for the CargoMate.  After changing from "econobox" car springs in Calgary, to the headshaking dismay of the spring shop, 2500 km eastwards to Wawa, where the professionals are telling me, the tires I am towing with are nothing more than "transit tires" made in essence to get the trailer from the factory (in Indiana) to it's destination, in my case High River AB.  Their life expectency is less than 10,000 km under ideal conditions.  Lemme see now... Indiana to Calgary, about 2500k, Calgary to Wawa... about 2500k.

 That's pretty much all there is folks.   

Following the further unloading of a thousand lbs into a storage unit, and the install of much better quality tires at Royal, I made my way the remaining 2500k through Sudbury, North Bay and Montreal* overnighting at a rest stop on route 20 just short of Quebec City. 


Wish I'd driven the 100k that night as we spent an hr moving about 500meters to get past a traffic jam of epic proportions bypassing QC. 

You'd think there was a nuclear alert, things were piled up so badly.  Not a cop or traffic control or road worker in sight.  No flagman, but lots of finger waving amidst steaming rads and drivers on the edge of control. 

I was so glad to see the hills of New Brunswick finally!

Phoenix had settled into a rhythm once again, sleeping much of the day beside me on the console.

I arrived on the Island at 8 pm on Friday night barely two weeks ago.  Had just enough light to back the rig into the lane and unload my bod and cat into the house.  I'm greeted by darkness and a mess in the garage that the professionals I'd hired, left behind.  In addition, the place is unfinished, wiring strewn here and there, holes in walls, an incomplete bathroom in our ensuite, sinks that wobble, floors going in the wrong direction and no happy greetings!


Brenda was in Kensington doing laundry, I was too exhausted to care much about anything...

Then it rained... for two solid days.

Welcome home guys!

*My first trip through Monteal in 1975 aboard my BMW R60/5 was major traffic jam due to some bone head careening across all three lanes, scattering debris in his wake, in very hot summer weather.

My latest trip... lo and behold, a major traffic jam while someone tossing their car down  the road strewing debris in every direction.  The local authority calls it "congestion" as if it where a little flem in your throat!

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