Thursday, May 3, 2012

What you think is a Mirage...

Pic by MJ Smith

To me,  is a Dream coming true.  For longer than I care to admit, pretty much since my first XC ride on a four speed BMW R 60/5, I have dreamed of a country lot close to town... where I could have a little woodlot for the fire pit, a great view, acres of grass to cut.  A place I could create some walking trails, do some tobogganing with the kid lets, plant a garden.

Following pics by R Harrell
Someplace I could carve out a little dirt bike track for my enjoyment and exercise, maybe build a simple trials course.  Maybe see some red fox darting about chasing mice.  A dog to fetch with.  A family to share with.  Cats to pet...

I've planned and acted, with great intentions, I was close before, but couldn't quite get there.  Well... what you see before your very eyes is not a Mirage although it is certainly a Dream.

In a short couple of months, counting the days now, we will be making the trek to our new digs across Canada.  5000 km from this home to that. Brenda is counting the days now...

Lazy days of summer, the (several) beach only minutes away.  A waiting lawn tractor.  Lots of grass to cut.  Friends to come by, sitting on the patio enjoying the waning rays of the sun.  A studio for Brenda to work on her art (yes I am constantly drawn, no pun intended, to Artists) Me looking out my study window towards Kensington... writing my novels.

Dream big my friends.  That's how all reality begins.

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