Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just shoot me!

IF I EVER....  breathe anything, even in a whisper, about moving again... just shoot me will ya!

Having lived here, with various other people, for seventeen years of my life.  Went through a major heartbreaking and confusing relationship that was incredibly hard and frustrating at times, did my first Baja trips from here.  Southern California many times, Europe thrice... it's come time to move on.

For whatever kick-started the dream of my own little spread, where I could putter on a trials bike or gas and go on a little dirt bike on my own little MX track, to having my dream garage, to a quiet place where I go write in solitude... and to share it with a woman that was an equal partner... this is now becoming the reality.


The seventeen years in this house in this city, have left me with a horde of memories both good and bad.   
Hell if there were no bad times, you wouldn't know it was good if it came and bit you on the bum!

Our experiences make us what and more-so, who we are.  Never shy away from having them, take the chance when it is presented and don't look back, don't harbor grudges, and for heaven's sake... don't sweat the small stuff.  Another of my little Dr N isms goes like this;  

"If it aint' gonna make a difference to the planet in a hundred years, why sweat it." 

So, after months of preparation, my pad is pret near ready for a new owner.  Time to move on.


   Remember gang... "Home is where you hang your helmet."

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