Thursday, May 31, 2012

Real Men...



GOT  up early this morning, as I usually do.  Little Phx can't read a clock, but can see out the window to know when dawn breaks.

After feeding the cats, putting on the De-caf, taking my pill, having a pee and letting the little guy (I mean the cat) outside to a still coolish morning... I'm downstairs checking my email.  A habit I got, being in the financial biz for so long.  Many a time I would get a cheery phone call at 5:29 am from some over zealous Ontario based inside sales rep's assistant's, assistant... that didn't realize Canada consists of several times zones.  Probably the farthest they've been, some of them... is the Muskoka's!

Same routine pretty much every day.

Today, I get a message from my long time pal Ron (you may remember him from back in the Blog) You see, unlike some, RM actually is aging, slightly mind, but aging nonetheless.  As others have found before him, you don't just ride 800 pound motorcycles, you also have to push them, back them and generally manhandle them.  As many have found, sometimes B I G G E R, is not B E T T E R.  For years Unca Ronnie has been talking scooters to me.  Not just any scooter but Suzuki Burgman scooters.  Suzuki has had a 650cc* (remember when 40 cubic inchers were the bike to have!) for quite some time.

After much prodding over the years, you see like many Italians... he has lots of hair, but can be thick headed, he finally went for a ride on one.  I dare say he loved it.  Lemme see... plenty of power, smooth, quiet as a church mouse, and lo and behold, you can actually "step through" to mount them.

Now some men would not think that sexy, but hey... beauty is in the eyes of... right!

The question seemingly posed at the end of the email was that age old argument of...

"Do Real Men ride scooters?"

My answer to that... Real Smart Men do...

Now you can take the quiz.

 What is this?                                1 pt.
Name the object in the center of the photo.     1 pt
Bonus if you know the name of those things that connect the object to the rim.                       1 pt

What is this?            1 pt
Bonus if you know what a tickler is.                 2 pt

What is that thing in the center of this picture?   1 pt
Bonus if you knew it and didn't have to scroll up.     1 pt

Name this object.                                             1 pt
Bonus if you got it right.                                    2 pt

 What is missing in this picture?                          1 pt

What do these letters stand for?                          1 pt
 Bonus if you knew what these letters really stand for.     3 pt


What is this?                       1 pt

Who did you meet riding these?                       1 pt

Final question.  What is in the pic at the top of this Blog?   10 pt

See upcoming Blog for scores, and how you stack up as a "real man"

*okay so it's 638 but that's pretty close.

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