Friday, April 21, 2017

Ho Hum

Home Sweet Home ?

Picture me yawning.

Boring picture isn't it.

So I've been coming to Arizona for many years.  I love the climate, the topography, the people are nice, any store we have in Canada, there are a dozen of, all those fast food places we see but don't have, they're here aplenty. 

If you are a motorcyclist, there are well paved Interstates, twisting mountain back roads, dirt trails galore. 


Arizona of course is famous the world over for it's unique sights like the Grand Canyon, a half mile wide meteor impact crater, the PIMA air museum and let's not forget the shoot out at the Okay corral in Tombstone!

I come here because I love exploring back trails on my dual purpose bike, taking breathtaking photographs, rubbing up against Saguaro cacti (just kidding) and watching jack rabbits, coyotes and road runners doing their thing.

Living on the east coast now, as opposed to Alberta, poses it's own difficulties getting here as in time and expense but I continue to make the trek annually.

This is the first time I've come in the spring.  The temperature is warming up as opposed to cooling off in December,  and I hoped I could get an early start to riding in our CDN spring.


Of course if you are reading this blog, you'll know that I've been living in a hotel due to an unexpected flood in my townhouse the day before I arrived.  To top that I made arrangements to bring back with me Coco the cat, that I found living under a tarp on my patio when I arrived last fall.  Unable to bring her back last December given the restrictions on pet travel at that time of year, my neighbor Judy found a home for here with family.

Unfortunately she wasn't getting along there and I took the step to bring her home with me this trip.

Well it's nearing the end of April, I began packing my meager possessions and will be returning to the Island next week.

I have no new stories of riding in the Bradshaw's, having a sandwich overlooking a dry wash canyon, or listening to, well nothing...

About the most interesting thing about this trip (apart from the ceiling coming down onto my couch!) was the dish washing detergent. 

Yes that's right.  Shortly after I arrived I tried some of the complimentary items in the room.  I will admit it was dark and the packaging looked attractive but it wasn't till I had the tablet in my hand before I realized that... this wasn't edible!

All right, I admit, riding the Apache Trail or the Mogollon Rim or drooling over vintage aircraft, or ogling cliff dwellings are a whole lot more interesting than nibbling a dishwasher tablet, but like life.  You win some you lose some.

At least I'm 6 weeks closer to riding back home and I plan to take advantage doing that this year.

Heading home!

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