Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Fasten your seat belts please..."

SKY Harbor International, my favorite airport.
WELCOME to Phx!  

The sign greeted me at Sky Harbor airport shortly after the 737 dropped us at the gate.  The first thing I always notice after leaving the terminal, is the heat under the building at the vehicle pick up.  

Thank You!

I can't help but smile a wicked grin.  Sure we've had a great summer and October was actually very nice back on the Island, but this... this 30C heat that envelopes you like a long lost lover, this... is facial muscle exercising heat. 

I had only a single carry-on rolling bag with NO clothes in it, after all, I've "lived" in Phx for 8 years now.  Soon as the Blue van with Super Shuttle boldly printed on her, picks me up and sitting in the front seat is like a private mini tour of the downtown core dropping passengers.  The A/C is working, it's in the mid 30's.  Not bad for late October eh (insert big grin here)


Within 30 minutes I'm sticking the key in my door and once again... I'm home.

Around my place there has long been a saying, "Home is where you hang your helmet" and I have four in the closet. Two open face one with shield, and two full face, my Bell street helmet and my Nolan dual sport lid.

It takes about 30 seconds for Boo to arrive and I let her come right in and she makes herself right at home.  She showed up as a kitten my first night three years ago, and I am grateful to both her and Judy in having this little incredibly cute bundle of fur to keep me company.  Of course she comes as goes as she likes, temporarily foraying here and there in the complex, but always sleeping at the foot of my bed when the sun goes down.

Taking advantage of Judy's offer I splurge at the grocery store buying such things as a gallon of milk (what was I thinking?!) but more importantly some frozen pizza's and ice cream, two things I never buy here.  A bucket of IC sandwiched between the warmth of the engine and my but wouldn't last long in 33 C heat!  

I almost choke when my credit card bill arrives, the exchange is about 36%... YIKES!  Good thing I have USD in the bank down here, bought when we were above par.  Before I left the financial services I told my clients to buy USD... I wonder how many did?

Making herself right at home!

Lo and behold, all my batteries are stone dead.  The tiny little YB3 of the XT 350, the Ascot battery that was new last year, and of course the one residing under the foot-board of the Adventure scooter.  That one I was able to revive but it's not the original either.   Tomorrow I am headed to Bobs Salvage, they are the only ones I could find with stock, everywhere else like pretty much all shops these days, will 'order; it for you arrival time 3-5 working days.  Does any modern MC shop actually carry parts...?

The 'new' kitty, a stray that needs a batch of the Dr's TLC

Today it rained cats if not dogs and Bootoo, a remarkably reasonable facsimile of Boo except twice her size, that appears to have been living on my patio for quite some time, rushes in through the open screen as the thunder roared.  Right under the couch.  No point in poking and prodding, she/he is already very cautious and somewhat timid, she comes out after some time passes. 

Lots of good stuff in there

I've been good, a single cookie after lunch.  Okay and two mini bars.

During the coming week, I expect to get on the road every week and travel somewhere on my XT and perhaps a repeat of my 170 mile ride last year on my scooter.

For now, I am catching up on sleep, feeding myself, doing the exercises that my physio guy laid out for my bum shoulder, which I am doing as religiously as the those guys that come to your door two at a time to offer a brochure. 

I can't ever stay the winter, not when I worked and certainly not now living in snow country... but the time I do spend here I relish like a smoky on a sesame bun! 

 Boo relaxing on my keyboard.

More to come... ttfn !

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