Sunday, October 16, 2016

Winding down... ?

OR up?

Citi 300 meets Big Diesel.         

I will have to admit... the spring, summer and fall of 2016 had proved to be a boon to motorcycling on the east coast of Canada.  After two brutal record snow winters on the Island, the past winter was pretty mild in comparison.  Spring bit early and summer was pretty dang nice... moving into a consistent fall that had above seasonal temperatures, few wind days and plenty of sunshine.

Hance on his big Kawasaki!

Early in the year my traveling began with the drive to Quebec City, then Ottawa, from where I flew to Alberta to see my new grandson, my girls, their guys and a quick visit with niece Liz and her brood.

Subsequently, I drove the AWD Caliber across Canada with an overnight in Saskatchewan for a visit with Ed.

Now THAT's a big pot hole!
Since that as you've read recently, there was the on/off ride with Trevor on the big dual sports, he on his KLR and myself on my trusty old XT 600 I refer to as Big Blue! 

Old woods trail.

My last off Island ride to Cape Breton with many local rides in between.

One of two vintage trials bikes I have

I rode pretty much my entire stable even including my vintage TY 175 Trials bike around my 'back yard.'


I would have liked to clock more mileage but as I have often said, it's not the quantity but the quality of the adventure that you'll remember years later.

Early spring riding.

With Phx flights booked about a month ago, I've been busy getting things closed up around here for winter.  Too bad that Brenda and Anna are not able to join me there but we all need a little break from one another at times in any case.  As I write this, batteries are on trickle charge for the next few months, bikes are covered to keep the dust down and the lawn tractor is put aside while the Big Bear will be having the snow blade installed next week.

Bought in Victoria B.C. my beloved T Bird!  I've owned this now for 10 years!

I plan on several overnight rides while down south and there's even rumors that youngest niece Cindy may join me with her (my old) XT 225 for a few days.

Chris on my old VX and Trevor on his Killer.

Riding the maritime provinces is almost like passing from one European country to the next.  The east coast actually offers a great deal of variety for us two wheeled types, from casual trail riding to corner carving to touring and of course the close proximity to three provinces with the USA just beyond, makes for plenty of memories.

Stay tuned for the next installment

 from Dr. N.

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