Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunny, and warm.

Taxying on the run way at YYG


No, I'm not on the moon, but I am in Arizona, once again.

After an incredibly hectic year, that began with record snowfalls back home, a long tour out west on Liz's Suzuki Savage, cutting grass and building sheds, I am back in the sunny south.

Toronto just before dawn.

I'm baaaack!

I relax when I arrive, the warmth getting off the plane and out of the terminal building, having a nice drive back to the complex with Nathan and Athena, putting the key into the door once again and having little Boo meet me with purrs and mega affection.

Reliable partner.

In the past 24 hours, I have the scooter and the 350 running and the place is vacuumed, the yard has 5 bags worth of leaves disposed of, and groceries in the fridge.

The Yamaha XT was my first priority while I waited for the scooter battery to charge.  After installing the tiny 12 volt device into the frame, I pushed the kicker through a couple of times to get some oil distributed into the cylinder and top end, with enrichner on, one kick. True it did stall after 15 seconds or so but restarted immediately and idled away with the choke pulled out for several minutes to get some fuel circulating.  That bike is now so reliable I'd have no problem riding it to Baja and back!

The Adventure scooter took a bit more finagling as it's carb drain screw is buried under a mass of frame tubes, the drive enclosure and various electrical parts, but once drained and battery hooked back up, several tries of the starter had it running as well.
Scooting around.

I rode the scooter to my local Lowe's to pick up some gaskets to cure a very leaky tub faucet, done.

Boo at my door!  She hasn't left my sight since arrival!
Making herself right at home...

Showered and in shorts, I am again... home.

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