Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Like a miniature of our home!

Normally I arrive earlier. 

The shed build pushed my schedule back a couple of weeks and we were fortunate it was far enough along to close things up for the winter.  You never can tell what things will be like when I return. I scrambled to install the overhead door just prior to leaving.  Trevor will be doing the finishing touches over the next week, things like the missing roof panel, siding and trim.  We could have just built a mini barn like so many others but I wanted this to be a 1/10 scale replica of our house, same roofing (blue steel) same siding so it will enhance the unique style of the house and be an asset rather than an eye sore.

Closed for the winter coming.

I rode my Adventure Sun-L scooter over to Nadia's park the other day.  I really do like riding this scooter and truthfully as I don't own a vehicle here, she is my mule.  You'd be amazed at what I have carried on her floorboard or strapped to the seat or otherwise stowed!  (see pics)

It has a top speed of 60 mph (100km) accelerates hard enough from a light that I don't get passed until I level out around 50 mph, gets pretty good mileage, about 75-80 miles per U S gallon, that's 3.8 liters.  Of course I don't spare the limited horsepower, I'd guess that's similar to my Calgary/PEI TOMOS Velo 150, which was rated in the owner's manual at 6.74 horses.  It's not fast enough for the freeways here, where traffic normally travels at Warp factor 3, but on surface streets, there isn't anywhere I can't go in the 100 miles of the greater Phoenix land area.  It just takes me longer.

I'm hoping that on this trip I can maybe load up some overnight gear and find some back paved ride to explore.  I leave the dual purpose trail riding to the Yamaha!

That's an outdoor water fountain in that box!

Shortly after leaving here for Sunflower resort, I bottomed out the scooter on a wicked dip across the road in an industrial area.  Immediately she lost power, quite a lot of power, say 50%.

2 bags of groceries in the 'trunk'

Spare gas for the Honda

 I pulled over thinking that maybe I'd pranged the exhaust header, but couldn't see anything, not even a scrape on the belly plastic.  Not sure of the problem I turned back and nursed her home.  Good thing the 350 was ready, I quickly switched and was only a half hour late.

6' piece of 1x6
Two more under the seat!

After a nice visit and farewells, with Nadia, Marshall and his Hungarian wife Sandra, I hurried back home and began the task of finding the problem with the Adventure. 

What's a visit to Glendale without Rolling Rock!

If you know anything about scooters, one of the major appeals to them world wide is their quietness and tidiness.  Mechanical parts are well hidden from view.  After ten minutes on my back with a flashlight in my living room, I located the problem and fortunately... it was not serious, certainly not had the header pipe been flattened, that would have required a new exhaust. Cause of the power loss was the 3 inch wide air intake hose that goes from the bottom of the air-box to the carb inlet had come completely adrift!

After an hour, most of which is spent removing body plastic and the seat, I had it back on the flange and the clamp tightened.  Presto... full power once again, I was so happy it wasn't more serious than a simple clamp.

It's great to be able to trouble shoot these types of issues with vehicles. I'd earned my Motorcycle mechanics ticket back in the 80's when I had Freedom Cycle and mechanical knowledge has saved my bacon not to mention thousands of dollars over the years.

With things bolted back up and no broken fasteners, the Adventure continues... :)

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