Monday, April 27, 2015

W H Y ???

Oh come on now, really!

This is getting ridiculous to the extreme.  Apart from a very brief down and back to Irishtown road about 2 weeks ago on my Serow

I'm losing it!!!
... I have not ridden any of my bikes.

Today it's 2C  (That's about 34-35F) feels like -10.

I have diligently trickle charged batteries, kept bikes under cover in the heated garage, serviced them, talked to them, renewed the plates online for those that have plates, installed batteries in some and double checked documentation...

It's April 27!

It will be May by mid week.

It's F___g 2 degrees AND snowing.

I put the Polaris away 2 weeks ago but except for a few bare patches... I could still go for a run.  At this rate, there will still be snow in our woods for a month to come.

I have a very busy riding season planned and my patience is truly running out.

I mean what's a guy to do?

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