Friday, October 31, 2014

It's a Gas!

When I was returning from Bob's last Tuesday, I noticed gas stations closer into the hub, with successively lower prices per gallon.  I had filled up at $2.99/2.89 and my last fill was at $2.84.  Keeping in mind that a US gallon is approximately 3.8 L as compared to an Imperial gallon at 4.5, it's not fair to compare directly across the board, or in this case, the border.

The lowest price I have seen so far locally was $2.73.  Now my math is a bit rusty, whose isn't in this age of electronic stuff, but if I were to convert the volume differential between the US and Imperial gallon and dollar exchange rate today, we in Canada are paying the equivalent of $3.62 per Imperial gallon in CDN dollars.  That is, in CDN dollars at 4.5 liters converted to US dollars and 1.18 USG.  To further confuse me, or you.. when I left PEI, gas had dropped to $1.25/Liter.  Now if you convert that to Imp gallons, that would be $5.62 per Imperial gallon CDN or ~$5.01/Imperial in USD .  Again taking the exchange rate into consideration, paying $2.73/ US gallon of fuel works out at ~$3.05 in current Canuck bucks.  No matter how you figure it, fuel is considerable less expensive here.

What this mean in English is thus:  at 70 MPUSG or the equivalent 84MPIMPG of my XT 350 and about the same for the Adventure scooter 150, I can actually afford to joy ride here for a lot less money, US or CDN!

To even further confuse the issue... that 84mpg works out at ~3.3L/100km...  what idiot bureaucrat  came up with that yardstick anyway!?


Whew... I think I need a cold beer. 


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