Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fall is coming

YOU can sure tell, there is more dew on the grass, the thermometer mounted to my back window is sitting at 14C right now, daytime highs only nudge over twenty... and we have had regular rainfall lately.

Abundant corn fields on the Island this season

Not only that, but you can "feel" it changing.  During a long ride this week working on my Lighthouses of PEI story, Brenda mentioned at some point that is sure seemed like autumn.  It's a subtle shift, we do get 4 seasons here in Eastern Canada unlike Western Canada.  I can count on one hand the days the temperature went over 30 degrees.

No doubt this has been a short season if you are a gardener or motorcyclist.

I booked my ticket to Phoenix last week.  Prior to moving I would often drive down from Calgary and stay for a couple of weeks or months.  Given the distance involved now , I keep my visits to the fall months and stay for a couple of months.  Not sure about moving forward though, the cost of added health insurance may be the determining factor.  This is my last year for cheap rates...

Story coming soon...

I enjoy riding here, especially using my dual purpose bikes, but there is something unique and special about riding in the US southwest.  I've loved that desert like topography since first traveling there in the late sixties.  For some reason only my soul understands, there is a magnetic draw that pushes some inner buttons for me. 

Playa Los Cocos/the simple life.

Back in the days I would spend a couple of months camped on a Baja beach with tent trailer, trail bike and kayak, I knew that I was enjoying some of the very best times of my life.  A simple breakfast, a morning paddle on crystal clear sub tropical water, dolphins or sergeant fish as my buddies, I'd ride in the afternoon in the mountains or along some ancient local beach road.  I'd find Petra-glyphs of fish, crabs, whales, sunrises and sunsets. Every few days a trip into Mulege for supplies or a street vendor taco lunch or maybe Loreto for a change of scenery.

When my pocket books were exhausted I'd visit Santispac or Berthe's and exchange them for others.  I'd hang out with my beach neighbors, the three amigo's would drop a freshly caught trigger or two for evening meals, I'd have visitors in the form of female company from Canada on occasion. 

Besides the regular winter beach crowd, there would always be transients from California, Oregon, Washington, even a family from Alaska one year.  They would stay for a night or a week and move on to their final distinations.

Palm oasis in Baja
Next year I think I will gear up and do one more complete trip from my home in Phx.  Load up the milk crate, some camping gear and take a few weeks from my Arizona time and do the Baja once again, who knows, I may not get another opportunity, like a major league pitcher, life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect it.

For now, I will concentrate on the remaining season, do a few more rides, finish a few more stories, prep the lawn and garden equipment, put away the summer accessories and get the blade installed on the Big Bear... last year the snows came early and heavy, I won't get caught flat-footed this year.

My Arizona wheels

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