Monday, September 2, 2013

Unca Ronnie...

FIRST of all, let me make this perfectly clear... he's not my rich Uncle nor even my uncle and certainly not rich.

Heading back "home" 20 years later.
I've known RM since my last stint in Fort McHell as he likes to call it.  I had just returned from a crushing divorce, a break up of our family, the loss of my three Freedom Cycle stores, to my old job at Four Seasons and Ron, showed up with a GS 750T, to head up the local weekly rag, The Fort McMurray Express. He's been around sickles a long time, having cut his teeth on English bikes that leaked oil and started with a kick!

(old joke; how do you tell if there's oil in the engine?  Check to see if there's a puddle beneath the cases)

Shortly after, he had a chance to buy an even bigger Suzuki and I bought his T.  Before long the Express closed it's doors and I moved along to Calgary.

Ron got the shaft!  A GS 1000G

I eventually sold the 750 to a local guy in NW Cowtown and Ron moved around a bit before landing in Kamloops (which goes a long way to explain his loopiness)  We have visited, but as you guys are well aware, work schedules, timing, obligations cannot be perfect for everything.  Never the less, we have kept in touch all through the trials and tribs.  In fact, many years past, when I got a call from the still owner of the GS 750 and in a quick swap of greenbacks, the T made it back home to Ronnie's place!

One of the advantages of traveling with RM, he can sleep most anywhere!

IN a few days, he'll be landing in metro Charlottetown for a short visit.  Over the next couple of weeks, I have some Island riding planned, before we load both the VX 800 and T Bird and head over to the mainland for a back road trip to Cape Breton, where we'll hook up with Dana and Danny for a visit.  Old friends from FMHell days, Dana was a student of mine and neither Ron nor I have seen them in a quarter century!

It will be Ronnie's first trip to the east coast!  Hopefully the weather will co-operate, never know when you have an angry ocean off the starboard bow.

Will keep you guys reading... in the Loop!

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