Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I'VE always loved snapping photos.  I remember way back having a Kodak Brownie box camera, the type with view ports on top and side.  I graduated into 110 culminating with a Pentax Auto 110, which for those of you that don't know, was a very compact (2"x4") SLR with interchangeable lenses.  I still have that camera although it was ruined when our raft got swamped one year on the Bow when we nearly swamped and turned over down town in Kensington.

I had an Advantix camera for awhile, compact again and with a simple drop-in film canister.  I even had a disc camera (maker unknown) and several equipped to take photos underwater.  Eventually I took to carrying a 35mm SLR during latter travels.

Once digital was introduced, my snapping life changed for the better.  No more worrying about losing a canister or three, or that special shot you took in Cordoba, didn't work out!  When traveling by bike, space is always a prime consideration.  Modern digitals from my first logitech, which held 80 photos and no way of viewing them, is still in use as Brenda's skype camera.  I've had many since those early digital days, they are compact, can store a huge amount of photos, are adjustable and like my Olympus, sometimes even waterproof.

My photo albums (remember those) are stuffed full of thousands of prints, that cost horrendous amounts of money to print, and my database has tens of thousands of digital images I have emailed all over the world.

Here's a few from the past...

Playa las Cocos


My little sweetie!

Adventure scooter in AZ

Taken with 35 SLR from 100' Okanagan Valley

On the way to Crown King

Yes I too once had a HOG before they became Rolex's

Old Blue in Baja

World's largest erratic Okotoks AB

Dad and the kid camping XT 600 SR 185

Ed and Irma

The bad lands of Alberta

Me and my A.G.F.

Hol and her ZUMA!

Friends at the Tyrell Museum

Bahia Conceptione first view!

Japanese pal Kazue and her Savage!

Soaking up the rays near San Felipe Baja

Rob on the Spray Lakes Trail, Rockies

Jod and I after the Bear Tooth Pass Montana/Wyoming

7716 after a huge dump of snow

Long Way Down... Sheep River/Gorge Creek Trail

Lis and I after riding the Seca to L.A.

Yes... you can take it all with you.

Ain't she sweet!  Now married, to moi!

Diversion arriving in Italia!

Rocky Mtn high!

Just another gorgeous Baja morning.

Tiger Moth

My best pal ever! RIP Einstein

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