Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Legal and ready to Rock.

THIS whole move to the East has been quite the process.  Much different than 1981 when I was a budding 26 year old.  Then I had exactly:

1 wife
1 child
1 cat
1 bike
1 van
1 mini pick up truck

and one of whatever would fit in the remaining space.

THIS time round, I had considerably more stuff.  Amongst the "stuff" I brought several bikes with me and Monday I had 4 of them newly plated.  The long time Alberta plates will go on a wall, and the PEI plates are bolted on in their place.

The weather has been struggling to get into the mid teens this week, and the wind if not gale force, has certainly been, ummm... brisk.  Too brisk in fact to set up the little greenhouse we picked up a couple of weeks ago.  Sure we hear, western Canada is experiencing record high temperatures but like everything except the rising Sun, that warmth is traveling west to east.

I'm planning an hour off , what has been a hectic couple of weeks and get out with my old buddy Mike.  You see, Mike has been blabbering to me for 3 decades, that he's getting back in the saddle and now that he has a very nice and appropriate V Star 650 Custom, we need to get him some seat time.  We've spent several hours puttering around the parking lot, and like I always say... "there's no substitute for cubic experience"


To get better at flying, you have to sit in the pilot's seat, to be a better rider, same thing.

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