Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hearts from stones...

JUST to prove it could be done, hobbling on a single good digit and one slightly damaged, I prepared a welcome for Barb's arrival.  This was really a case of the pigeon with the broken wing, trying to do something special and romantic.  After all, Baja and this little beach, was if nothing else, a perfect romantic getaway.   

Dolphin patrol

Playa Las Coco's like many of the Conception Bay beaches is pure sand, trapped on either side by ancient volcanic mountains.  Highway 1, the Trans Peninsular, hugs the space between them, in our case as in others, narrow strips have been dynamited from the hill sides and a ribbon of asphalt laid on the track.  If you search the many boulders and rocks that border the west end of the beach, you'll find amongst them, petroglyphs etched by the prehistoric tribes that once lived in the caves here and took from the sea their bounty. 

These carvings showed something of the creatures that fed them or frightened them.  A glimpse at life here 5000 or more years ago.

One of many accessible small Islands in the Bay.

Today, one legged, in 90 degree heat, I gathered up softball sized boulders from the rubble, and made my own art.  Granted, I knew going it it wouldn't last thousands of years, I was hopeful that it may last a few days.  It was hard work, transiting hundred foot distance from the sand flats above high tide, to the rock field, carrying 3-4 at a time.  By my count, I ended up with over 230 individual pieces to create a 25' diameter  x"token of my affection"   

Dutifully, Ford providing the transportation, I arrived at the Loreto airport on time and on budget.  We spent the next few weeks, lazing on the beachfront, clambering over hill and dale, pig roasts in Mulege, kayaking and riding the bike. 

Snow saucer!

Like all good things, that Baja vacation came to an end, and the process of taking down the campsite, loading everything for the 5000km drive north late in November to priority.  Barb had already extended her trip by a week, two and she may have been jobless on her return.  

We hit winter weather by the time we got to Nevada.  Temperatures had gone from the 90's all the way into the basement, hitting well below zero before arriving at the Canadian border. 

We still had some fun using my beach saucer, that we used for rinsing our feet of sand, to what it was designed for... a slide down a snow covered hill.

Within days... it was back to the Alberta reality, another Baja adventure in the books.

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