Friday, October 12, 2012



So, let's talk money for a bit.


Just how important to you are your Euro's, dollar's, Pesos, Rubles, Yaun...  On a scale of 1-10 where does it sit, or is it really important at all (a redundant question, or is it...) 

I mean let's face it, unless you have a vegetable garden or farm in a warm climate, or have seafood popping from the ocean onto your plate like Capt Hi-Liner does... like most people, you buy your groceries.  You buy your car, you fill your tank, you go to the movies, you watch TV, you surf the net, you go on vacay's, you spend money.

We really can't go back to trading seashells for trinkets like the old days now can we. 

It seems that money is high on most people's lists.  I have always thought that to me, it ranks maybe, about 4th or 5th.  I won't tell you what the top 3 are, you figure it out.

Why do I say this?

Sometimes we focus too much on "money".  Sure you can buy a bike you like or that faux fur coat maybe, but sometimes money indirectly buys something more valuable. 

Take this whole friggin'* mess caused by my trailer.  I have spent more than a G note to modify what the factory should have done in the first place.  I've driven the equivalent of Calgary to Phoenix and nearly back again... in four days!  In crappy weather!!

I've spent in dollars, about half the cost of the trailer for fuel, food and accomo's back and forth to Wawa.  And... I'm spending yet another 1300 bucks to truck what didn't fit on my rig, to the Island.

In all, this back and forth SH stuff will total a cool 5 G's or more!

Talk about stress!

Well what did I get out of this, besides a sore butt... I met Magan.

This 23year old young gal renewed my faith in mankind, for awhile at least.  Today I was cut off three times very close, while driving through Montreal, that brought me right back to Earth once again. 

In monetary terms, that most everyone can understand... Magan Gagnon's helpful, cheerful attitude was worth, let's say half the 5 large all this running around has cost me.

Thanks yet again Magan...

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