Sunday, November 26, 2017


The John
It's a deep subject... "  

As the old joke goes.

Here I sit, in my one bedroom suite at a Marriott in Phoenix Arizona.  It's a beautiful sunny day, temperature in the high 80's. Just past noon, I'm thinking of heading out on my trusty Sun L scooter for a bite to eat at a local joint.  I have a choice of dozens of fast food vendors within 5 miles and of course I have a fridge and stove so I can make something on my own.  Since I finished my left-overs last night from the day before I don't really feel like cooking today. 

The kitchen
Thanksgiving Thursday, I met Jude and her Mum at the Golden Corral and even though it was packed, it was well organized and we got in with only a 15 minute wait.  I was quite proud of myself for keeping the meal to a single plate although I admit I had a healthy sampling of desserts!  Seems to me I am getting little in the way of exercise except for the walk around the complex during the early evening, looking for feral cats to feed.  Last spring there were dozens but so far I have only spotted two and one of those only a couple of times, it's a puzzle.

When I go I'm prepared!
The progress rebuilding my home I wrote about last blog has slowed considerably and I am discouraged.  It is pretty clear to my eyes that repairs won't be completed prior to my having to depart on the return leg of this trip.  What that is going to mean and how it washes out, I don't know.  I'm beginning to think I will have to make a third trip back with my ordeal now stretching into it's 10th month.  To make matters worse, I have not ridden my XT 350 since this time last year.  In short I bought the place here in order to ride in different terrain and longer into the year.  I've had some excellent riding over the years but with this dilemma, that stopped dead last year.

My entire Phx life is in here!
I tried to find some riding gear in the POD but it's so jammed full, I have no idea where my gear may be.  I have a pair of jeans or two, some slip on canvas shoes and a helmet.  Nothing else.  When I ride in isolated locales like Baja Mexico or the US SW, I go prepared.  I take food, water, clothing for layering an air pump and even leave a hand sketched map for Judy.  This way if I run into some unplanned calamity at least she knows where to send SAR help! 

Looks like the new skins will have to wait until next year.
Much as I would love to get away from my current circumstances, I have to be patient and deal with the reality of my situation.  My patience after 10 months is running ragged.

So... I guess I'd better get my jeans on, grab my helmet and  find something to eat. 

Even the ever helpful Boo is wondering what's going on

This is why I love trail riding down here!!

I "ain't" getting any younger...

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