Monday, July 10, 2017

Burgers take on the Island!

I took some time out a couple of weeks ago to wander the Island a bit with some westerners, one of which has replanted himself on the east coast.

Well suited to touring the coast.

Ted and Greg ride 650 Suzuki Burgman's, the twin cylinder, muscular and very popular scooters from Japan. In keeping with the automatic theme, I rode my own  clutch-less wonder, the Citicom 300i.

I've never met any of them before, but Ted at least... came with a reference, you see he is the originator of the Jurassic Riders, of which my long time friend Ron, is a member of.  It has something to do with motorcycling 150 million years ago.  How they managed that without roads... (or even people)  I have no idea.  No doubt I must be missing something.

Early summer can be a hodgepodge of sun, heat, wind and or rain on the Island.  Sometimes all on the same day!

St Mary's Church

We actually lucked out and apart from a bit of breeze, she was a pretty good scootering day on the Island.

Looking across the bay to C'Town from Fort Amherst, a Canada National historic park

Greg rode two up with wife Tannis while Ted and I were solo.  I would have liked to take Brenda along but of course as often happens around here, she was otherwise engaged.

Shore don't get much purdier than this !

Neither rider had been to the Island previously, and it's easy for those of us that live here to take for granted what tourists see in this wee place.  Having been a visiting motorcyclist back in '75, I at least first saw the little red gem from a touring rider's p.o.v.

Latest from Prexport in all weather footwear, so I'm told.
Greg was quick to show off his multi-purpose riding foot wear.  Light weight, will never rust, is ventilated for those really hot days, pull on socks on cooler afternoons and a couple of Sobey's bags easily stored for rainy rides.  Must say... I was impressed!

Green lawns, pretty hills, red roads and of course more little bays and inlets than those Carter guys had pills... it always impresses me to hear those from "away" their reactions and thoughts.

We had no problems with the local constabulary.

PEI actually makes a pretty good motorcycle destination.  These days* bikes are everywhere and widely held in high regard, no doubt helped by the dollars spent here.  Whether you camp, B&B or motel it, it's an attractive destination.

Greg and Tannis shipped their AN 650 from B.C. to Moncton NB and have toured the Maritimes over the preceding weeks.  Ted, as I had mentioned, has been transplanted such as myself.

Must stop, "I was there" moment.

During our day on the sandbar, we had no particular agenda or schedule to adhere to.  I thought I'd pick them up in Summerside and basically go where we wanted.  I chose Queen's county simply because I consider it to be the nicest part of the island and it fit in nicely with our time frame.  This wasn't going to be a road dash by any means.  The top speed on the Island is 90kph, and that for only brief stretches of highway, so by itself, we'd... as I'd joked with Ted, 'rarely get out of first gear!'**

With co-operative weather, we spent a lazy day taking photos, see some sights and generally behaving like, well... Jurassic Riders!

One more and we'd be a Gang!

I bid the threesome well, once back in Summerside and hopefully, they'll have pleasant memories of our little red Island in the Gulf.

Who know... I came back first to open a business (Freedom Cycle Inc) and then later, to retire. 

* Most definitely a boom had occurred since my first long distance foray.

**The transmissions are 'automatic'

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