Monday, February 13, 2017

Tucked in!

BSA Victor 441
IF you are following the weather news you will note the country has been hit with yet more winter weather.  High winds gusting to over 100kph and huge snowfalls have once again put a damper on travel.  
As I write this, my busy day has been effectively cancelled by 11 am when I was in Summerside (haha) getting some tires switched on the old F 150 and a replacement battery  for same. 

My 1 pm to put a wheel bearing into the Chevy has already been cancelled.

CS 3 200 1970

DS 6B 250 1970
69 Yamaha R3 GP 350
I drove home in near white out conditions and slick highways with snowdrifts beginning to build up on cross roads.  Here at home I can see out my window about 100'  
Taken minutes ago looking down the valley!
Nothing for it but to hunker down, hope the power stays on and read some old magazines.  Speaking of which, my collection went back to the 1960's when I was first rabid about bikes.  I'd made a return trip to the east coast after my divorce to retrieve the collection to which I added in the 2 decades since.

1980 Passport  bought with only 109 km on her

Unfortunately my Motorsport  magazines  and even my cherished National Geographic collection didn't make the BIG move, there was simply no room and besides, paper is heavy!  To this day I regret not making two cross country trips and include my reading material and some more of my vintage bikes a few of which I am showing you today.  

THIS is the time of year when we, as motorcyclists begin to get agitated.  Most of my friends across the country have been doing the same thing as I am, that is waiting, planning, re hashing past rides and hoping for a year of more memories.

Trail 90 8 speed

Unlike many of my riding friends that sort of specialize in a particular stream of riding, I have always enjoyed many variables in my career. I have friends that exclusively ride long distance bikes.  Wings, Bimmers, Tour Glides, and various big bore cruisers.  

Then there are the off road only crowd that live for roosting, wheelies and digging dirt.  Of course you have the sport bike crowd and the sport touring bunch that like their seating more forward slanted and the pace several notches up.  There's the dual purpose riders that like the road less traveled and there are the travelers that rack up mileage here and abroad.

Me... I've pretty much done it all.  
If a KGB guy held a gun to my head and forced me to choose I would probably take some mid sized dualie but only if the barrel was pressed to my head.  The reason I have so many bikes, is they all do something different and all send me into different mind sets. 

You know what I'm talking about.  
If there is a segment of motorcycling that least appeals to me, it would have to be the pseudo "choppers" that in my opinion are too heavy, too slow, too uncomfortable and too unappealing.  Sure, back when I was in the biz and a potential buyer sat on one, I would often hear the words, "comfortable and low to the ground"  Even tall riders like low bikes.  Of course the tragedy of that is to get low they are built low.  Ground clearance and suspension travel are the first to go on the drawing board.  

Don't get me wrong, if that same despicable KGB guy said, 'from here on in all you can ride are showroom tourers' I would accept that.  You see... I'd rather ride than sit at home watching wrestling or NFL football!

Thunderbolt single carb 650

Anyway, now my viz is down to 75'.  Guess I'll go grab a Canadian Biker or Mojo and kill some time.

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