Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Well... (deep subject)

IT hasn't been exactly 'Purple Rain' but it has been 'hard rain'  or at least hard water.

The week has been so nice with slightly about zero temperatures and lots of sun, in fact if I weren't so dang busy... I was actually thinking of gearing up the 225 and going for a spin.  I do own several snowmobile suits so I wouldn't have froze to death.

Alas, I got busy and didn't try. 

Our driveway is about 6' lower than road level. It is Glare ice!

The last 24 hours has seen temps just warm enough to allow a huge rainfall and just cold enough to freeze it onto everything it hit.  Several communities in the Maritimes have had power outages including some of the Island but we squeaked by without any problems.  The Gen set is serviced so in a worse case scenario we wouldn't end up as human popsicles!

There are reports of power lines and trees down all over and I did  fill some water jugs and even a bucket, just in case.

FORD encased in ice!

We're already nearing the end of January and pretty soon it will be March and spring, can hardly wait.  I have many plans on two and four wheels, while the Polaris sits idle by the house for lack of snow. 

Did some work on the DL Suzuki last couple of days.  I bought the bike to ride out west a couple of years ago but ultimately flew instead (see blog summer 2015)  It's really the Swiss army knife of bikes, I know so many people that have/had and love them.  My neighbor Jamie has one, Ronnie has one and long time buddy Deryl put about a gazillion miles on an early edition.  Not particularly glamorous but they do get the job done. 

Mine is a very pretty copper orange with all the luggage so it does may a pretty good Trans Labrador type tourer.  Although some call the ADV bikes multi purpose machines, which they are, dirt bikes, they are not!

Stand extender.

Adds 1/2 " to the length.
Just yesterday I modified the already modified side stand by buying a 1/2" thick cutting board and after tracing the silhouette of the already widened add on stand, I was about to lessen the bikes lean and make it easier for me to lift the not so light V Strom upright.  The plastic pad won't rust, weighs virtually nothing and changes the angle by one or two degrees, just making it a little bit easier to lift.

The other thing I recently did was put an auxiliary 12V DC power outlet into the fairing to power the GPS (yes yes... it's the 21st Century I get it...) and also want to raise and pull back the stock bars.  Given the width of the tank (good for 500 km) I have a wee bit too long a reach to the bars.  The kind that gets you in between the shoulder blades after about a half hour in the saddle. 

Just proves there's no such thing as the perfect bike.
The best all around motorcycle out there...?




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