Wednesday, July 27, 2016

4 Days without internet...

Blessing?  or curse.

We've come to rely on internet in much the same way as turning on a light switch.  After almost five days without either land line phone service or internet a technician was out and spotted quite by accident it seems, a burnt wire and short in a junction box. Of course he had to drive and inspect many such boxes in the 20 km area where our service runs.

Sometimes it's almost a cursed thing, this WWW... but could we do without it today... I have my doubts.

The remainder of my drive home was very familiar.  Ontario is such a huge province and has such a wide range of scenery, it simply amazes me.  From the moose country of Hearst, to the hills of Superior in and around Wawa, right past the capital, Ottawa.

As was my very first ride 41 years ago through Montreal and many subsequently, that city was an absolute nightmare!  It took me just over 2 hours at stop and go 30+ temperatures, fighting commuters every inch of the way, in virtual gridlock... from one construction zone to the next.  How can anyone live in that city?!

I was glad to cross the St Lawrence at Trois Rivieres.  Once back on highway 20, I almost felt like I was home.  Communities are more distant and the highway is efficient.  An overnight in Montmagny followed by a  familiar and very pretty New Brunswick.

N.B. is perhaps my favorite province to travel in.  There are remnants of mountains, an excellent (the best in Canada) Trans Canada highway system, little traffic and the secondary roads are scenic and plentiful.  It's a wonder more people don't live here?

I pulled into my home driveway at 6 pm on a very pretty and warm Friday night.

The R/T performed flawlessly, was fun to drive, even played with the "6 speed" manual shift transmission a few times!

I'd driven just over 5300 kilometers ( 3300+ miles) in 5 road days.

Canada is one heck of a beautiful country.

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