Friday, July 13, 2012

Ten Million Tears

Queen Willy past away yesterday at 10.30am.

She was adopted as a stray kitten 20 years ago at about 4 months age.

She lived her entire life with Brenda, safely tucked away in a home where she was loved and adored and pampered.

She outlasted her partner Tasha, who succumbed to diabetes at an early age.  For many years now, she was the numero uno gato in the house.

Willy and I met almost four years ago when I began my relationship with Brenda and Anna and the Queen.

As unpretentious of a feline as you have ever seen, in the early days she'd hide out until Anna was off to bed and many a late night conversation with then girlfriend Brenda, took place with the her sitting on Brenda's lap, purring away content.

There were many times I would pop by late at night on my way home from an appointment to find her greeting me outside on the porch or laying on the bed.

Willy had a very unusual meow, almost like a small cry, as if she were talking to me.

We accepted each other, she me, and I her.

She loved being outdoors and often even after moving from her long time home on 20th ave, she would wander around outside in the jungle at my place.

At 20 years of age, she most definitely had slowed down, sleeping much of the day but would arrive in the kitchen in the early morning for her milk and often came to me sitting on the corner of the bed, regal like looking for a treat or two.

This last year, she's had my company throughout the day, many times laying on my chest while I read a book or magazine or watched TV.

Content, like I said.  Both of us.

We could tell she was feeling her age, her hind legs would be reluctant, and there was an occasional wobble, but even after I set up a pillow for her next to our bed, she'd surprise us by leaping the three feet across the chasm from her bed to ours.

Like I am prone to do with cats... I really loved her from the start.  Her gentle and tolerant demeanor, her spunkiness and her domination of our little guy Phoenix, always made me smile.  Even at twenty, she'd hiss or smack him if he came too close.

This heat wave, I brought her downstairs where it was considerably cooler... but you could tell she was in distress.  She's had kidney problems as cats are prone to do and when she stopped eating or drinking Monday, my feelings were ominous.

By the second day, I was having the conversation with Brenda about her condition.  I have had two dear cats die early of renal failure and it wasn't pleasant.

It took Brenda a few moments of thought to decide to have the vet come to my home and put her to sleep.  That has to be one of the hardest decisions for any cat or dog lover to make.

Willy has moved on to Rainbow Bridge.  At some point in the future all of my past cats and Willy will be re-united with us, to live happily ever after together. 

For this pretty, calm and beautiful friend, Willy the cat...

Rest in Peace sweetie.

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