Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hey Gang... I haven't forgotten about you all.  This month of June, 2012... has been somewhat of a blitz.  Seems my life and all that's in it, has been very busy.

Between the dizzying process of house build on the Island, my house in Calgary being on the market and getting to motorcycles that have been parked away in corners and on workbenches for, in some cases, nearly two decades... I simply have little free time.

Suffice to say, things are slowly taking shape, the dream continues.

I will have more to say eventually!

In the meanwhile, go out and create some dreams of your own.  Take a hike (I mean really) explore some historical site, find a great burger bar, or Italian place.  Visit a museum, go to the movies, ride your bike to some place you've never been or want to re-visit.  Take your sweetie for a drive even...

Back shortly...

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