Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tis the season

... and I don't mean Christmas either!

After returning home from Phx this last time, I was just in time for a turn around in the weather. 
XT 225 Serow at the Devils Punch Bowl

PEI has a moderate climate, four actual seasons and pretty much what you can expect.  Almost every morning, summer or winter, I do a check of the old fashioned thermometer outside my back door.  Depending on what it shows I get up or go back to bed.  Yeah... kinda like the groundhog.  Difference is I may get another hour of shut eye, not weeks like our furry pal. 

The SYM Citicom 300 i

It hasn't been hot but most days reasonably warm and by that I mean to ride, I like to see high teens and counting.  Of course regardless what the dial says, cool wind can make the difference of riding or not.  Say it's 18, sunny but the wind speed is 50 kph gusting to 80.  That wind can make the difference of a pleasant ride or not at all. 

Being an Island and a rather low one at that (our highest elevation is approximately 500 feet) we get a fair bit of wind flow. Fifteen degrees and 50 kph I'm not keen on especially if I had planned on a distance ride. 

My last ride to Saint John on my 300 Citicom, a machine that has the best weather protection of any of my machines, the report was showing around 20C, and sunny skies.  Of course on the return trip, I never saw the sun, had to deal with a heavy wind which stole some of the power of the 262 cc 21 hp Single.  To top off that ride, I had steady wind all day and of course... several rain squalls!

By the time I stepped into my shower, I felt like a Popsicle!  So much for the weather report...

PEI riding

I've put two lengthy rides on the scooter this spring.  Riding solo, the 21 horsepower is adequate, if I don't had a major headwind to deal with and it's sunny.  Me like sunny, me no like cold/raining.

I've been able to ride my 125, 225, 600, T Bird and as I said the SYM and my DL 650 on some longer rides.

Never know what you'll come across... N.B.

I'M always happy when I can get a ride in on any of my machines. At my age I will admit I am not keen on 1000/600 km/mile days through every type of weather short of a blizzard and I tend to read a good book if it's cold and wet. One of the great things about living on the Island, is the variety of roads surfaces, scenery to die for and lack of traffic to deal with, disregarding the Cavendish strip in July and August.  Even if I have only done a 50 km trail ride, I come back smiling.  You know the feeling right?  Stupid grin face, yelling into my helmet, fist pumping and waving to fellow riders.

Although I have some setbacks health wise and some issues crop up like the tear down and subsequent year long repairs of the Phx condo, I enjoy riding immensely.

V Strom about to see the 'swinging bridge' close up and personal  Cape Breton NS

I didn't get as much traveling done in 2017, if I don't count the several trips south to check on the actual repair work.  (I would never hire the same company again) where I got to ride my local scooter while the 350 stayed under wraps, at least I am looking forward to spending some set time on my various bikes including my little TTR around my grass track, which has been dry enough down across the valley to mow! 

I suspect I will make it to southern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton to visit friends, Lisa's in St John NB and perhaps even across to Maine and beyond!  I have capable bikes and disregarding the exchange rate (standing at around 32% currently) it's partly made up for with lower prices on virtually everything traveling there.  On my Globe Trip I had a very nice room with Motel 6 at $ 50 USD as example.

TTR in my backyard!
KLR and XT 600.  Somewhere in N.B. 

I've been working on my various machines having just done an oil and rear end change on the Citi 300 which is now closing up on 10,000 km overall. 

I don't have to change any tires or do any major work this summer but a couple of the scoots will require some expense next season. 

A N Y W A Y... it's almost the end of June and I am expecting to be on a road trip this week, preferably off Island.  Stay tuned... :)

Is this pretty or what!  Highway 2, on my way home.

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