Saturday, April 21, 2018

Deja Vu?

SOMEHOW it seems odd this trip.  After the last two visits to Phx I spent in a hotel room feeding the local feral cats, coming back to my southern US home this trip is anti climatic.

I have a bed again!  Yu Hooo
I'm "moving" in again.  

Patio is tidied.

It's been nearly 10 years since I first moved in and at that time I had no furniture whatsoever.  I spent the better part of the first week on an air mattress!  Eating take out food.

Last year has been like holding back a big boulder!

Much different now due to the circumstances but nevertheless, in many ways I am once again, moving in.

After the flood of '17, the place is pretty much rebuilt.  On the main floor things were pretty much stripped down to the block walls and upstairs the first 2' of sheet rock down needed rebuilding.

This is my first visit since repairs were completed just before the first day of Spring.

We walked the Waterfall Trail at White Tank Park

With a pleasant time-out while Holly flew in from Seattle for a short stay, it's been day and night sifting through many dozens of boxes looking for this and that.  Many times I had to go through the same boxes remembering what had been put there by the construction crew.

Truthfully I still need a few hours to go through the last of the packed boxes but for the most part I am up and operational. I've had to purchase some items that were discarded after the flood (caused by a leaking toilet tank) but although I no longer have my dresser drawer or night table, it doesn't matter.  I have plenty of room and bought more hangers for the closets!

Very pretty easy trail, no water in the canyon of course.

On another trip I will complete the moving in process but for now, things are fine and I feel like I've done nothing but work for 2 weeks!

I was checking out maps yesterday, looking for some ideas on where I may ride in my remaining short time, it's been 18 months since I last had the 350 out in the desert/mountains.

Sun L scooter, my mule.

Pedals at the ready

I remade her private rampart perch!

Boo can sleep standing up!

THE scooter is doing yeoman service once again and I an't tell you how pleased I have been with this little 150cc SUNL Adventure scooter.  It's reliable, gets around 80 mpg and I can cruise at 50mph/80kph all day long.  Only the fastest traffic leaves me at green lights, most times I'm not passed till after 40 mph which is good enough in town.

Been a great bike!

The XT Yamaha took three kicks to start even though the fuel in the tank was bought for $2.20/gallon, nearly 2 years ago!

I bought this bike because it was simple, reliable and available.
I'm on my way to the library and a few errands and when I return I will take up the map quest again and decide on tomorrow.

For now, it's life as usual here in the desert...

It's hard work being beautiful and lovable

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