Saturday, March 25, 2017


SO, I'm in Phoenix Arizona, out on the street... trying to start my ultra reliable Adventure scooter.  Battery stayed fully charged on the tender since last fall but she just won't fire.  I try the kickstarter, nada.  More pressing the starter until I realize... the kill button is off!  A flick of a switch, throttle wide open, the engine is flooded of course by now, and away she went.

Now you may laugh here at my predicament and it only goes to prove my point, all of us have our  


In my case it can be explained quite easily for not only was the scooter flooded but  my entire 1000 sq foot two level condo!  A broken toilet tank and my neighbor coming by to turn on the utilities prior to my arrival and presto!  One uninhabitable apartment unit!

I am writing this from a temporary hotel accommodation suite about 5 miles from my Glendale home.

Not only is my long time, desert getaway pad so wet, mushrooms could grow on the carpets, but my life down here has been turned on end!

Grabbing a few important things, like passport, wallet, registration papers, and one pair of socks! Everything I own here after nearly ten years, is jammed into a storage unit locked away from even me! I am now exiled from my home and will not likely move back into her before my return trip beckons.  To top it off, little Boo is also exiled from my/her digs but at least I have the consolation of Coco, the skin and bones female I found last fall sitting here as I write this.  She is making the flight back to Canada with me!  It's not the first time a local abandoned kitty will be transplanted from the south to the north with the Doc!

I have no photos to show (it was kind of low on my list of priorities) but I'm sure I will have some before long.

As I have said many times about riding, or traveling or dreaming... there is always the potential for the unexpected.  How you deal with it, will depend entirely on how mentally and physically prepared you are.

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