Wednesday, April 27, 2016

C' Mon already!

WAKING up to wonderful sunny days each morning just succeeds in teasing the heck outa me.

From Retro to Modern!
Course as soon as I see the thermometer on the north east side Sunny side of our home, showing 12 maybe even 15C... only to have my hopes dashed when I get to the shaded side of the house, open the kitchen door and Wham, get a face-full of cold ice "hasn't yet melted in the Gulf," brisk northern wind.  Brrrr!

Check the weather network... it says 3 but feels like -6.

Of course last year at this time it was still snowing, so I guess I have little right to complain.

Needless to say, there hasn't been much in the way of motorcycling around my digs.  The odd time I've bundled up in my snowmobile gear and ventured out for 30 minutes, nearly freezing my family jewels in the process.  The Serow is the only thing I currently have on the road, well that and the Big Bear 350 for exploring around here.

Our access road has seen some improvement since highways sent out my old customer (there's lots of them around) Myles Hickey and his whopping big blade equipped monster John Deere.  We can actually 'drive' the PT Cruiser now.

Forecast for the remainder of the week is still showing under double digits although I have ridden a little bit with my latest addition to the two wheeled family.

Pretty isn't it!

New Glasgow
Milton Hall
AFTER selling my fun little retro Velo cc 150scooter last year,  and my Honda VTR 1000 just last weekend to a nice chap down east...

Sold the pretty VTR to make room in the garage for the pretty SYM

I have brought home a SYM (San Yang Motors) Citicom 300i.

Roger at ToyMaster was patient with my looking around, and was rewarded by selling me a very nice mid sized liquid cooled scooter, made for world consumption in Taiwan.  I looked at several used scoots but liked this one best.

The Citi has a top speed of approximately 140 kph (90mph) weighs just over 400 pounds which makes it light enough to push around the garage yet heavy enough that we won't get bounced around on the highway.
The Citicom has large wheels, handles more like a 400 pound touring bike than a small wheeled laid back, Maxi scooter. I even considered a used Burgman 650 but for the type of riding we will do, I felt the added horsepower and weight was not needed.  Sure a Burger 650 will easily top 100 mph (imagine doing the TON on a scooter)

I did a little testing with her the other day and found that 0-100 kph from a standing start could be covered in under 7 seconds, while the 40-100 and 80-120 passing time was right round 6 seconds. When you think about it, this is a 21horsepower CVT transmission, mid sized scooter... the acceleration is pretty even with most mid sized motorcycles.  Them numbers are pretty dang impressive.

I've ordered a bolt on rack, made a few small mods (like helmet hooks under the seat) and adapted an existing cordura bag I have, and I am looking forward to adding lots to the existing 3800 kilometers it's run up in 7 years.  I'll likely use my GIVI trunk for awhile or maybe add one and leave the one I have on my Thunderbird 900.

It's looking like a good year to ride the Maritimes.

Now if only the weather forecast would be favorable!

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