Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter strikes again!

I apologize for being tardy with updates...


I just returned from Phx prior to Christmas and only 36 hours after my pal Phoenix was put to sleep.  To be perfectly honest, I have been bummed since and sure I will be for some time yet.  All my cat pals over the years have been special to me, but some stand out and little Phx was certainly one of them.  Just the fact that he found 'us/me" just before Christmas 2010, 9 months after my long time pal Einstein died, was significant in itself.  After finding his way into the living room, my heart and my Blazer... he covered a lot of ground with me, first the long January winter drive to Calgary and then 18 months later, as my co-pilot moving across this vast country to our current home on the wast coast. He was only 5 years of age.

Since my return, winter has hit with a vengeance, a very pregnant Lisa and Rick had come and gone after a Christmas visit and I've spent yesterday all day clearing snow from a  blizzard the night before.  Even today I will be out shortly to deal with the drifting from last night.

Last year was a record winter, cold and snowy, and I truly hope we get a break this year and have a milder time of it.  I actually like clearing snow but in small proportions!

Of course this time of year, my motorcycling takes a back seat to keeping the place warm, the driveways and decks clear and the vehicles running as they should.  That doesn't mean I don't think bikes believe me I do.  Been thinking of finally doing the Trans Labrador highway in Quebec and Newfoundland.  The road is much paved by now nothing like it was when I first lived here and thought about it thirty years ago, but nevertheless it would be quite the trip on either my XT 600 or V Strom 650.  We shall see...

In addition the Moto-East Maritime magazine is still simmering on the back burner.  Launching a new magazine is fraught with peril, it's not as easy as one-two-three.  There are a hundred considerations to make to get it off the ground.  More on that later.

Today, I plan on finishing the yard, catching up on emails (I am waaaay behind being behind) and of course this Blog. 

Brenda is gone to Charlottetown for the day, Anna is at school (I hope) and the cats are fed.

Stay tuned, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet as some of my friends thought, more to come.



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