Sunday, September 27, 2015


Serow on a quiet country lane

Velo under the shade tree.

Back at the Ranch...

AFTER getting hammered, big time on our New Brunswick ride, Brenda and I spent a little time locally puttering around on the Velo, the T Bird and the V Strom.  I did several rides on the backroads, mostly early morning on my Serow and XT 600.  Weather has been (Ummmm, not to jinx anything) Great.  Many days during September we've had plus 30 sunny days, very pleasant for riding. 

Seen on the Confederaton Trail near Fredricton PE

Sky family performing center

Typical Island red clay back road day!

Yup, two cats and a Racoon, what could be more normal?

Friendly farm dog

Just cruising about.
"Stop taking pictures and get over here..."

Loaded up at Indian River bird sanctuary.

Definitely low tide across the harbor from C'Town

Lots of people on the water enjoying a September summer day.  French River.

Very pretty.

Memorial ride

Some of the gang waiting patiently for things to begin.

Lunch break at Borden.

THERE was a canoe trip on the Dunk, one at Indian River pond.  A Sunday memorial ride put on locally in Summerside that featured a nice country trip through some of the most scenic PEI back paved roads that saw several hundred bikes taking part.

We visited several local beaches, beautiful.  You don't have to travel to the Bahama's to see gorgeous sand beaches although not heavily visited, they can be a very relaxing way to spend a few hours.

French River, what could be more PEI than a washed up lobster trap?

Out for a sail.
Cabot park beach.
On the Dunk river.

Red Sandstone cliffs

EVERY now and again... I remind myself why I liked this place the very first time I saw it.  When I was a young man of 20, having ridden across Canada to the red Island in the Gulf.

We forget sometimes in our haste, to look around us and appreciate what we have right in our own backyard so to speak.  Many thousands come here on vacation... we live here!

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