Thursday, August 13, 2015

Like Father... like Daughter

This... is PEI

Holly learned to ride a PW50 Yamaha out back of my newly constructed shop in Southport PEI, back in early 1986.  She was barely 6 years old at the time. 

Charlottetown across the bay.

I outfitted her with kid's duds including a child sized full face helmet, went over the limited controls (throttle, two hand brakes) as she listened to Chief Instructor Dad patiently, then went right on out and not only did the straight line portion but rode the little Shaft drive bike in a gentle arc at the end of the lane back to the start.

Fort Amherst Prov park.

As she got older, we rode portions of the forestry trunk road in Alberta, many back roads leading into the foothills around Calgary, Drumheller, San Felipe Baja and eventually PEI.

Narrow channel connecting Charlottetown to the Northumberland Strait.

Since those days, we have tried to get together to ride whenever possible out west, something not that simple as she was out of the province much of the time working on some degree or other.

Once we moved to the Island, our opportunities have become less frequent but we always make time for a day in the saddles. 
The capital city in the distance

A wee bit of history here!
Most recently, with Holly and Kevin visiting in July, we geared up and did several hours on my two XT models, Holly on the 225 and Dad the 600.  We typically don't cover a lot of ground but we explore, taking our time, stop for lunch or just a chit chat and photo. 

Warm day, always park in the shade!

This last trip we covered a large loop from my home in Spring Valley. 

She doesn't ride often so it takes a few kilometers to become familiar once again with the familiar Serow.

This trip we stuck mostly to paved back roads on the North side, of which there are many on the Island, with the occasional clay road tossed in for variety.  We met up with our other halves at our half way point just outside of Charlottetown for a little rest break and from there bypassed the city and headed to Rice Point and Fort Amherst park, this being the defensive fortress overlooking Charlottetown harbor, during the days of constant war between the English and French in the 1700's.  Although the Interpretive center has been closed down (a shame) you can still walk the grounds and there are several interesting
signs giving various details.

Our sea side view

From here we made our way to lovely Victoria by the Sea where we sat outside for a late lunch in warm sunny weather, perhaps the best day of the year to date.

As the shadows grew long, we cut across country, eventually arriving back in Spring Valley 7 hours after we'd departed.  Putting the trail bikes away I felt satisfied that we are keeping the tradition alive by taking the time to do this as father and daughter.

Having lunch on the water Victoria by the Sea

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