Thursday, June 25, 2015


I remember passing through here over the years... but I wasn't ready to see how this little town in the valley has grown up big time.


Ron and I spent some time wandering downtown, along the river front and through city parks.  What a jewel this is.  I remember a somewhat industrial dirty, and unkempt place nothing like we saw.  Urban re development, shopping areas, housing reaching up into the hills, spectacular desert views punctuated by the lushness of the river valley.  If I were a dinosaur (no comments) I'd find it a great place to live.

The better part of a day we roamed the downtown area, taking time to walk the waterfront most casually.  Cool, misty treed park ground.  Heritage buildings, people walking their dogs, pushing kiddies in strollers.  Well kept and with obvious pride, it was nice to see a city that has aged nicely.

Traffic especially along the Trans Canada thruway maybe the only negative I can think about, even a die hard Russian judge would give the city and area a 5.9!

A late afternoon cone at Scoopz was the cherry on the top for our Kamloops day.


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